Story Contest: Second Place Prize Reveal

Another week’s gone by and the excitement is still building! So what’s the big prize? It’s the same as the third place prize, except double! A 50 US dollar gift card! Amazon has tons of awesome stuff for DDLG and CGL enthusiasts; books, pacifiers, adult toys, onesies, paddles, and everything in between. If you decide you’d rather skip all that and just buy a big bag of gummy bears, you can do that too! We won’t judge! Get those story submissions in asap!

You may have noticed a couple new submissions in the story contest! Expect more to come very soon, as we have stories beginning to trickle in now! The entries will remain anonymous until the final results are in, but they’ll be dropping regularly onto the site!

Check out the latest entries in the contest by wandering over to our Stories Page! Also, if you haven’t done it yet, make sure to follow us on our social media pages and spread the word about the CGL Kingdom! We need all the love we can get!




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