A Little Nocturne

When bath time is over Daddy wraps me up in a big towel and makes me dry. He helps me put on my jammies. One time, I tried to put ‘em on myself but I got my head all stuck in the hole for my arm! Me and Daddy laughed so hard at that. I laughed so much I got the hiccups. When Daddy hangs the towel up to dry I sneak Squirty Turtle under my jammies top. He’s my favorite bath toy.

Daddy turns and looks at me. He says, “Ready?” I nod and giggle ‘cause I know what he’s gonna do. And he does it! He lifts me way up and makes me into an airplane. We go ZOOM! Into my bedroom. WHOOSH around the room! I hold my arms out real far and make plane sounds, flying around the room in Daddy’s arms. Daddy laughs and crashes me into my bed, BOOM!

I snuggle and cuddle under the covers. Daddy sits in the chair next to the bed. He tells me stories, all from right out of his head. Sometimes there are princes and princesses that have dragons as pets. I like those stories. He does all the voices, even the funny dragons. Sometimes the stories are scary and I hide under the blankets. Then Daddy cuddles me ‘til I’m not scared anymore. This part is a secret; sometimes I pretend to be scared just to get Daddy cuddles.

When the stories are over Daddy sings to me. Sometimes he sings about prairies. Sometimes he sings about the moon and the stars. My favorite is this one;

“You’re a sweet little baby
You’re a sweet little baby
Honey in the rock and the sugar don’t stop
Don’t need no other lovin’ baby”

It’s my favorite ‘cause I’m the sweet little baby.

I love my Daddy’s voice. It sounds so warm and real sweet. It makes me think of syrup on hot waffles. I know that’s silly but that’s how I feel.

After the songs Daddy pulls the blankets up right under my chin and I feel like a burrito. He kisses my forehead and he says, “Goodnight, sweet little baby. All the bestest dreams for my little one.”

I yawn real big and say, “Goodnight, my bestest Daddy. I love you.”

And then I sleep, warm and cozy in my bed. I know my Daddy will be there when I wake up. I know he’ll always love his sweet little baby.


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