The Wookablep

Have you heard of the Wookablep? You haven’t? Really? It’s a terrible monster. Nobody who’s seen it has lived to tell the story.


Some people think it’s over 126 years old. Imagine how hard it must be to blow out all the candles on his birthday cake!


Some people think it’s over 126 feet tall. That would create some real problems when he goes shoe shopping!


Some people think he has 126 teeth! He probably has a machine to help him floss!


One person told me it has 126 eyes. Do you think he wears sunglasses at the beach?


Another person said it has 126 claws! It causes him tons of trouble when he drinks tea!


Okay but…Can I tell you a secret?


Promise not to tell anyone?


Okay, well…I met the Wookablep, and he’s not 126 years old. He’s only 4.


He’s not 126 feet tall either! He’s only 3 feet tall.


He doesn’t have 126 teeth! He flosses like a champ.


He doesn’t have 126 eyes. He’s just got two, or four if you count his glasses!


He doesn’t have 126 claws either. Actually, he doesn’t have any claws at all!


So you might be wondering if the Wookablep is even a monster at all. Well let me tell you…


He is! But he’s not a mean monster.


The wookablep is a nice monster! He doesn’t have 126 teeth, or feet, or eyes, or claws! He has 126 friends!


And counting!


Will you be his friend?



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