The Lost Princess

One day, while Isabeau got her cousin Alfie distracted enough so she could tie his shoelaces together, she saw a handsome guy she’d never met before through the gap between her cousin’s legs. They locked eyes for a moment, and before she knew it, he was smirking and waving at her. This made her blush and get up quickly, swiftly turning around. What was happening? Why were her cheeks getting warm?

“What are you all playing?”, asked Jake.

Alfie and Eva both said in unison “The Lost Princess”, grinning at each other.

“The Lost Princess” is a game that involves a princess, of course, but once everyone finds her, they all tickle her to bring her back to life.

“Mayday Mayday, I’m looking for the princess! Are you the princess?”, Jake said, pointing at Eva.

Eva giggled, “No Sir, she’s hiding behind Alfie over there.”

Leave it to your friend to blow your cover. Isabeau tried running really fast, but he was faster. He tackled Isabeau but twisted his body, so he hit the floor.

“Are you okay, princess?” said Jake, gently pushing back her hair behind her ear.

Isabeau blushed and nodded.

“What was that, princess?”

“Yes”, Isabeau said while blushing.

He grinned and their moment was cut short as Alfie, Eva and the handsome Jake started tickling the princess. Jake and Isabeau spent a lot more time together and eventually, they decided that Jake was going to be Isabeau’s daddy and Isabeau is going to remain the beautiful princess that she is.

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