2018 CGL Kingdom Story Contest Results

Hear ye Hear ye! The story contest has come an gone, and the royal judges have chosen the winners! Will you be one of them?

In third place, we’d like to congratulate KindOlderMan for his story, A Little Nocturne! Hopefully he enjoys the $25 USD Amazon Gift Card we’re sending him!


In second place, it’s UnbiddenQuill, with her wonderful story Rafi the Missing! She’ll be celebrating with a $50 USD Amazon Gift Card!


And finally, in first place, winning a $50 USD amazon gift card and a special CGL Kingdom teddy bear! Kyle Snugglebutt  and his fantastic, super delightful story, A Special Story!


Congratulations to everyone who entered and a special congrats to those who won! We got some great story submissions this year, and we can’t wait to start organizing the next contest!



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