Make Your Own Crayon Lipstick

What you need:

  • One entire Crayola crayon (the others are too waxy).
  • ½ teaspoon of coconut oil.
  • ¼ teaspoon of olive oil.
  • Paper towels.
  • Glass bowl or jar with a large opening.
  • Cutting board covered with paper towel (to keep wax from becoming a permanent addition to it).
  • A butter knife.
  • A pot to boil water in
  • A tool to stir with, like a chopstick.
  • A mold to carry your lipstick in, such as an empty lip gloss container.


  1. Pick your crayon color. The more vibrant, the better.
  2. Peel the label off, completely. If you run it under water first, it will come right off.
  3. Fill your pot with a few inches of water, Not taller than your glass bowl or jar, bring it to a boil, then turn it to a medium heat.
  4. Put the coconut and olive oil into your glass bowl or jar.
  5. Make sure your cutting board is covered with the paper towel, then use the butter knife to chop the crayon up into small pieces.
  6. Add the crayon pieces to the glass bowl or jar with the oils.
  7. Have your mold out and ready, nearby.
  8. Place the bowl or jar carefully into the boiling pot.
  9. Use the chopstick or stirring device and stir up the crayon and oil until it is completely melted and smooth.
  10. Turn off your stove.
  11. Use a hot mitt and carefully remove the bowl or jar from the pot, and por your mixture into your mold. It will be very hot.
  12. Let the extra mixture cool completely before duping into the trash. Do not pour into your sink!
  13. Set your mold filled with the mixture, in the refrigerator for around 20 minutes, until it has cooled and had a chance to set.
  14. All done! Enjoy your new, awesome lipstick!

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