I Am the Moon and the Stars

I am made of flesh and blood and bones
DNA is my human code
I am man and woman and nothing and everything
I am made from love and confusion and complete understanding
But there must have been some kind of miscommunication
For I am labeled by you in an act of familiarization
You made me, I am you
Yet you don’t seem to see me with the same view
You are not a father you’ve said
Only because your flesh and blood created them but they aren’t right in their head
They are flesh and blood and broken code
They think they act but their brain doesn’t process this mental load
They are your sons, I am your son and your daughter and your child do you not see me
Is this all you wanted me to be
Am I not enough of a daughter to let you be a father
Am I enough of a son to let you believe you are a father
Have I dug deep enough into my skin
To pull out the woman within
And leave nothing left but the man you wished to have
I took her away to show you the desired halve
Am I only reflecting myself to what you desire
Pushing away independent thought, starving the fire
Am I me out of spite
Or am I using it as protection in this fight
I am your daughter, your son and your child
I am calm and reserved and wild
But in me you only see a lost brother
You have said you can’t be a father
So here I stand made of your flesh and blood and bones
Memorizing his smile when her eyes sparkle above her cheekbones
Remembering their doubts and happiness and fears
Hoping they will be their daughters father for years

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