How To Clean Bottle Nipples and Pacifiers

Whether it’s new or been dropped on the floor, the teats of the pacifier and the nipple of the bottle need cleaning. This is a simple How-To for plain and decorative products!

First off, what’s the difference between cleaning and sanitizing? Where cleaning will definitely get off the dirt and dust from daily use, sanitizing will kill bacteria that may form over time. We recommend sanitizing at least every other month, and cleaning at least every week or as needed. When not in use, it’s best to store your pacifiers in a clean zip lock bag. This also gives you the chance to stash it nearly anywhere if you are not an “open” little.


Plain Bottle Nipples and Pacifiers

The good news is, these are simple for sanitizing. All you’ll need is a pot of boiling water and a towel to let them dry on. You’ll want to drop the nipple/paci in the water and let it boil for 5 minutes especially before your first use. Carefully put the nipple and paci on the towel and let air dry. To clean these, simply use soapy hot water.


Decorative Pacifiers

Decorative Pacis are super popular with littles, but how do you clean them without ruining the pretty outer part? The first method is to simply clean the teat, while the second is to sanitize. If you need to clean the outer part of the paci, use warm water and a soft brush (such as a makeup brush) to gently wipe over the decor. When ready to dry after any method, gently dab the paci dry and let air dry on a towel.

1) Use hot (but not steamy) water and soap to clean just the teat of the paci. This means to have the water running and carefully angle your paci so you can rinse the teat, but be careful not to let the water get on the design.

2) Use antibacterial products. Get yourself a soft brush and soak in the antibacterial product. Rubbing alcohol is recommended, but Hydrogen Peroxide will work too. Carefully brush the teat of the paci and the backside of the guard, careful not to get any of the antibacterial on the decorative front. After this you will still need to wash with hot soapy water to get the antibacterial off and ready for use again.



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