DIY Sugar Scrub

How to home-make your own sugar scrubs, from lip scrubs to body scrubs, this is a basic recipe with a few popular and yummy flavors to create! Recommended use is 2-3 times a week at most. Store up to 6 months in dry area. Do not refrigerate.

The Base


1 cup brown, raw, or white sugar

½ cup oil (olive, coconut, almond, or grapeseed)

Mix the sugar and oil. You want a good 80% sugar to 20% oil for the best results, so additional sugar may be necessary for good consistency.

Brown sugar is best for body scrubs (mid-coarse)

White sugar is best for facial and lip scrubs (finest)

Raw sugar is best for hand and foot scrubs (coarsest)

Popular Blends

Energizing Orange: add 8 drops of orange essential oil

Lavender Vanilla: add 1 tsp vanilla and 5 drops of lavender

Vanilla Latte: add ½ cup of coffee grounds and 2 tsp vanilla

Cotton Candy: add 1 packet cotton candy mix and 1 tsp vanilla

Alternative Cotton Candy: 6 drops cotton candy flavoring, 2 drops blue food coloring, 2 drops pink food coloring

Bubblegum: add 1 drop pink or red food dye, 3 drops bubble gum flavor, ½ tsp honey

Piña colada: 3 drops pineapple fragrant oil, yellow food coloring (optional)



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