Discord Server

Our Discord server is the central hub of our community! Atty’s Love Palace (18+) was opened to the public in November, 2018, and has quickly grown to include hundreds of awesome members, tons of different activities, and lots of smaller sub-communities for all sorts of niche interests. There’s something for everyone, and we’re always welcoming new members! It’s a great place to make friends and hang out with folks who share your kinks.

Our Discord server isn’t a hookup community, and it’s designed around making friends and having somewhere comfortable to hang out online, not finding a partner. It’s not impossible to find a partner on our server, but if that’s your goal, there are other communities better suited to it.

What is Discord?

Discord is a free cross-platform chat application that allows users to create their own chat servers. These servers are effectively self-contained communities, with individual “Channels” that users can chat in. The platform was originally designed for gamers, but it works very well for communities like ours as well. Chat channels are either text-based, or voice-based, and users can also send private messages to one another.

The reasons we use discord are many. Discord is:

  • Free
  • Highly Customizable
  • Cross Platform (Works on Windows, Mac, Android, and most browsers)
  • Easy to use

How to Join

To join, simply follow the link below. You’ll be taken to the discord website. From there you can choose to download the discord app, or you can also access the chat server through your browser and optionally download the app later.

Getting Started

When you join the discord server you should be taken to a #welcome channel explaining how our server works, what to do, etc. You can navigate the channels using the navigation bar on the left. Read over #welcome and #rules. You’ll need to post an introduction before you can gain access to the whole server. If you need help with anything, you can ask a staff member in the #newcomer-chat channel. We usually have a staff member online at any given time of day or night, but if nobody answers you, you can page them by typing @staff into the newcomer chat channel. If you join at a very late hour, it’s possible nobody will be around. Don’t fret! Just post up your intro, and when a staff member comes on, they’ll let you in.