Minecraft Server

Our Minecraft server is accessible only to members of our Discord community. In order to gain access to the server you’ll need to join the Discord Server and get added to the whitelist. The discord server is also where all announcements and information about the discord server are posted. We’re all super friendly and we don’t bite, so don’t worry!

When you join the server, be sure to assign yourself the “Minecraft Player” role from the Assign Roles menu.


  1. All community rules apply. Currently these are listed in the discord server.
  2. You must be 18 or older to connect. Do not invite your younger friends or siblings to the server.
  3. Do not circumvent the AFK timer. The timer is set to 10 minutes, which shouldn’t pose a problem for normal gameplay, except in rare circumstances. Farming XP and items with a spawner farm is okay, as long as you’re not alt-tabbed out the whole time.
  4. No excessive griefing or bullying. It’s okay to troll occasionally, but don’t take it so far that we have to step in.
  5. Don’t lag out the server! If you create something that lags out the server (a redstone machine, a chicken auto-spawner, etc), we WILL remove it. If you keep doing it, we’ll remove you.
  6. No teleporting users onto another’s land claim without permission.

Welcome to the Server!

When you connect you’ll spawn into the city of Attysburg. Attysburg is the major trading hub of the server. It’s also a semi-protected zone. You won’t be able to break blocks within Attysburg, but creatures can still attack you. The city is well lit, so they seldom spawn in the city, but it does occasionally happen. The city is creeper-proof, so you don’t need to worry about accidentally destroying anything if you set off a creeper.

If it’s night time when you spawn, the “Command House” near where you spawned has beds in the basement. Once it’s day time, you’ll need to venture out of the city. At that point, you can begin your minecraft adventure as you see fit.

General Information

Our server features many plugins which enhance the gameplay. The major ones are listed below.

  • Chest Shop
  • Essentials
  • Minecraft Hook (Cuddlebot)
  • Sleep Percentage
  • Daily Rewards

Chest Shop

Chest Shop allows users to use a sign and a chest, to create a simple shop that other users can buy their items with.


Essentials is a comprehensive plugin that adds hundreds of features to a server. Notable commands include:

  • /Balance – Checks your bank Balance
  • /pay – Allows you to send money to other players
  • /sethome – Allows you to set your home location. Players can set up to three home locations plus a bed location
  • /delhome – Allows you to delete a home location
  • /home – Teleports you to one of your home locations
  • /back – Teleports you to the last place you teleported from. If you just died, it will teleport you to where you died.
  • /tpa – Request permission to teleport to a player
  • /tpahere – Invite a player to teleport to you
  • /tpaccept – Accepts a players teleport request

Minecraft Hook (Cuddlebot)

Minecraft Hook is a plugin that allows our minecraft server to talk to our discord server. It synchronizes a chat channel between the discord server and minecraft’s in-game chat, allowing users to follow the conversation, even when they’re not playing. It’s basically magic.

Sleep Percentage

By default, minecraft requires 100% of players to sleep in order to make it day. Sleep percentage allows us to adjust that. Currently you only need to have 25% of players sleeping to change from night to day.

Daily Rewards

Daily rewards is exactly what it sounds like. When you log into the server each day, you’ll receive some bonus Attybucks for doing so! That’s all there is to it!

Economy Information

The economy in our server is driven by the Attybuck, sometimes shortened to the letter A (To represent 100 Attybucks, you’d write A100). Many enhanced features cost Attybucks to use, such as commands like /back and /home. Additionally, there are many admin shops around the city of Attysburg where players can buy and sell items for Attybucks.

The value of the Attybuck is pegged directly to the value of a diamond, with 1 diamond always being worth exactly 100 Attybucks. They can be exchanged at the Bank, near the palace in Attysburg.

Land Claims

Players can claim chunks of land as their own. Claims can either be purchased within the city of Attysburg, or staked out in the untamed wilderness. Claims are protected from theft, from other players, and even from creeper explosions.

Inside Attysburg

To buy a plot within Attysburg, you have two options. You can either become nobility by donating to our Patreon campaign, which will earn you a free 20×20 plot near the castle (while supplies last), or you can buy a claim wth Attybucks. Claims range in size and price, from small and cheap, to large and expensive.

Outside Attysburg

Outside the city, you will need to purchase “claim blocks.”

  • /BuyClaim – Purchases claim blocks with Attybucks.
  • /SellClaim – Sells Claims for half the purchase price.

The current price of claims is listed on the wall of the First Bank of Attysburg.

Once you’ve got some claims, you’ll need a golden shovel. For your convenience, golden shovels can also be bought in the bank.

To place a claim:

  1. Go to one corner, and right click the ground with your golden shovel
  2. Walk to the other corner of your claim (3×3 is the minimum size), and right click again

Your claim is now created.

Claim Commands

  • /Trust – “Trusts” another user inside your claim. This allows them the ability to build, open doors and chests, etc
  • /Untrust – Removes any access from a user for your claim
  • /Accesstrust – Gives a user access to doors and switches within your claim
  • /ContainerTrust – Gives a user access to chests, workbenches, etc within your claim
  • /TrustList – Lists the permissions for the claim you’re standing in
  • /SubdivideClaims – Use to toggle your shovel into subdivision mode. Use this to create smaller “sub plots” within your claim
  • /PermissionTrust – Gives a user the ability to grant other users permissions inside your claim. Be careful who you give this one to
  • /AbandonClaim – Removes the claim you’re standing in. 100% of your claim blocks will be returned to you, so you can claim a new area.

Video Tutorial